Happy National Tooth Fairy Day!

Get out the glitter and find your favorite pair of fairy wings – August 22 is National Tooth Fairy Day! Delta Dental takes this little lady and her business very seriously – so seriously, in fact, that we conduct an annual poll of more than 1,000 caregivers to monitor her spending habits over the past year. Here’s what we found in 2014:

  • The Tooth Fairy increased the average amount she left under pillows by a whopping 86 cents. In 2013, she left just $3.50 per child. Last year, she upped that to $4.36.
  • She tends to leave even more for the first tooth lost – $5.74, a 27 percent increase from 2013.
  • The Tooth Fairy doesn’t always leave cash. Twelve percent of homes she visited reported receiving toys, games, toothbrushes, books, dental floss or stuffed animals instead.
  • Southern kids fared the best, receiving $5.16 per tooth, while children in the Midwest found an average of just $2.83 under their pillows. Kids in the West and Northwest landed somewhere in the middle, getting $4.68 and $4.16, respectively.
  • If your child lost a tooth, there’s a good chance the Tooth Fairy visited your home: She dropped by 81 percent of U.S. homes with children who lost a tooth.
  • In 32 percent of homes visited, dad “assisted” the Tooth Fairy with her rounds.

Whether the Tooth Fairy leaves a chunk of change or a new toothbrush at your house, her magical visit is a great opportunity to talk to your kids about the importance of good oral health care. Consider having the Tooth Fairy leave a personal note of encouragement for your child, letting him or her know that she appreciates when kids floss every day or have good brushing skills. A little praise goes a long way toward making children feel proud of their good habits and healthy smiles! For more helpful tips and fun activities from the Tooth Fairy, visit OriginalToothFairyPoll.com.


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